MyPhone launches smart feature phones built-in EMOZE

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celularThe My|Phone and the EMOZE Ltd. announced today the launch of a further series of < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = "hwPal30922576. hwClqnaj (" phones "); return false;" style = "cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px;" onmouseover = "hwPal30922576. hwShow (event, this, " phones "); = "; = " hand " underline = " solid "; ";" onmouseout = "hwPal30922576; hideMaybe (this, " phones "); = "; = " hand " underline = " "; dotted 1px oncontextmenu =" " "; return false;" > phones mobile phones with embedded smart resources with the technology of e-mails and messages from active transfer of EMOZE. These next generation phones provide a friendlier experience e-mail and instant messaging.

Com a tecnologia EMOZE pré-incorporada nestes aparelhos, os usuários poderão facilmente, e de forma segura, acessar contas de e-mail empresariais e pessoais, synchronize your email contacts and calendar, Show Office attachments, enviar mensagens de voz via e-mail e participar de chats em tempo real com seus amigos.

EMOZE is quoted in technology operating system of the device and does not require any middleware (configuration software) or runtime to load, Instead, starts as soon as the phone is switched on. Additionally, the technology can be used in any EMOZE IP-based network and does not require any SMS integration.

The My|Phone is committed to improve their cell phones to ensure that their customers value your money. “Through our partnership with EMOZE, our phones now have applications such as My|Phone Messaging, providing users with their own interactive community, the My|Phone Mail for a more efficient method for checking e-mails and chat from Facebook to keep people connected”, said Jaime Alcantara, President of My|Phone. “The EMOZE is a milestone in technological progress of our phones, and we are very happy because this is just the beginning of many developments that we want to give our consumers”.

Moshe Levy, CEO of EMOZE Ltd., commented: “We are excited about our partnership with My|Phone, the leading local brand in the Philippines, Since we share similar values of excellence and commitment to the satisfaction of users. The patented exclusive active transfer of messages from EMOZE provides an effective solution that is both lean in data usage and battery consumption”.

About My|Phone:

A My|Phone – the first brand of phones in the Philippines to offer mobile dual SIM – grew from a favor for friends to try a local brand of cell phones, in an effort to participate in the market of international giants already established. After three years, the My|Phone has been proving that is a competitor in the scenario of mobile telephony in the Philippines, maintaining a consistently average sales volumes significantly. The answer made My|Phone continuously strive to develop the best phones at prices more affordable. A My|Phone is, without doubt, a revolutionary provider of cell phones, The Myfirst and the leading manufacturer of mobile phones in the Philippines with applications customized content and designated as “Pinoy Phone”, a software created exclusively for My|Phone with a variety of data such as income, jokes and so prayers.


THE EMOZE, a globally recognized leader, transparent solutions provides mobile messaging synchronized active content transfer and active transfer to manufacturers, mobile phone operators and companies. The EMOZE supports all major email services, Instant Messaging services and social networks. The solution enables transfer of EMOZE is based on patented EMOZE and provides a true experience of active transfer combined with an efficient mechanism, minimizing both data traffic and battery consumption across all mobile devices (Smart and feature phones). EMOZE's architecture is based on a trusted server technology, redundant and scalable that offers a low total cost of ownership and rapid implementation and marketing.

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