Infosys is among the 25 more committed to the initiative “Caring for Climate”

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InfosysTHE Infosys,  líder mundial em consultoria e technology, was identified today as one of the 25 more companies committed to initiative “Caring for Climate” the The United Nations Global Compact and United Nations programme for the environment. The initiative “Caring for Climate” aims to promote the role of companies in combating climate change. As part of the Group of 25 more committed, Infosys has the largest absolute percentage reduction of emissions in the reference period 2009 the 2010.

The list of 25 most companies committed to the initiative “Caring for Climate” recognizes companies that demonstrate leadership in:

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, that increases your efficiency and the efficiency of your supply chain, establishes goals and provides seamlessly verifiable data about current emissions. Aprofundamento da compreensão do impacto ambiental do setor empresarial e seu papel no development das principais soluções para construir uma economia com baixos índices de gás carbônico e resiliente às alterações climáticas. Work to engage stakeholders and policymakers to encourage expanded climate actions.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan, Executive Co-Chairman of Infosys, said: “In Infosys, We realize soon that companies will have to lead the transformation to green growth. We embarked on our Green journey 2007, and we are committed to making all our carbon neutral emissions until 2018. Since then, We implemented a continuous optimization cycle that allowed us to take risks and incubating new ideas”.

“In the last four years, Infosys saved 290 milhões de unidades de eletricidade com a implementação de medidas de eficiência energética nos nossos centros de development. This is a special milestone, achieved through the tireless efforts of Infosys community. Our inclusion on the list of 25 more companies committed to the ‘ initiative caring for Climate’ further confirms that our efforts are in the right direction. Esperamos que nosso sucesso se torne um modelo e um estímulo para que outras empresas se comprometam a promover a sustentabilidade no seu ambiente empresarial”, said Kris.

In the last five years, Infosys made major steps to becoming a sustainable organization and pledged to become carbon neutral by 2018. As part of this initiative, Infosys has undertaken to reduce its electricity consumption per capita in 50% with respect to the levels of 2007-2008 by the year 2018 and to obtain 100% of energy needs from renewable resources (until 2018). Of 2007-08 the 2011-12, Infosys has managed to reduce his monthly electricity consumption per capita in 32.67%, water consumption in 22.87% and greenhouse gas emissions in 25.67%. Currently, the next generation of optimized buildings on Infosys consumes 50% less electricity. The company has encouraged its employees to support green practices, designed to reduce the consumption of resources as part of your daily work. The Infosys ecoclubes are intensely involved in the creation and establishment of partnerships for resource intensity practices within the Organization, along with our implementation specialists. The company is in the process of candidacy for more than 5 millions of sq. ft. LEED certification/GRIHA. Infosys was ranked as the eighth company greener world by Newsweek in 2011.

Read more about Infosys's sustainability initiatives in Sustainability report 2010-11.

About the initiative “Caring for Climate”

Lançada pelo secretário-General das Nações Unidas Ban Ki-moon em 2007, “Cuidando do Clima” is an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations for the environment with the aim of promoting the companies ' role in combating climate change. It provides a framework for business leaders to promote practical solutions and help shape public policy, as well as public attitudes. General Directors who support the Declaration are prepared to establish goals, develop and expand strategies and practices and publicly disclose emissions as part of its commitment of existing disclosure on the structure of the UN Global Compact, i.e., the communication on progress. “Cuidando do Clima” with the support of approximately 400 companiesCaring for Climate

Download progress report of the initiative “Caring for Climate”

About Infosys

Many of the most successful organizations in the world rely on 150.000 Infosys officials to offer measurable business value. Infosys offers business consulting, technology, Engineering and outsourcing services to help customers in more than 30 countries to build tomorrow's company.

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