After the United States and Canada, UBM performs the Powder Technology in Brazil

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powder technologyFollowing the positive macroeconomic overview brasileiro, the UBM brings the PTX South America to the national market. With the goal of   join the biggest buyers of the major industry sectors, do you want to transform the country in a discussion and business centres in the area.

The exhibition will be held on 21, 22 and 23 August, in parallel with the CPhl South America, main forum of chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Since the two sectors are well connected in the market of fine particles and dry solids in bulk. In addition to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the main stakeholders in the content of the event are the manufacture of dyes and pigments, rubber and plastics, detergents and cosmetics, fertilizers, mining, Food and construction.

In evidence in the world economy, the Brazil stands out on the international stage as an emerging country and very conducive for businesses in various sectors. Increased productivity of various industries generated a new economic times where multiply investments in purchase of equipment, development new technologies, poles of P&D and hiring of labor. Opportunity for PTX South America, that will bring to South American market in equipment and services for storage, treatment and processing of fine particles and dry solids in bulk, In addition to a Congress that will address topics such as processing technologies, Instrumentation and control, transport systems, environmental controllers, etc.

In addition to the favorable economic times national, Another factor that made the UBM bring to Brazil the PTX, is the large amount of economic sectors that use fine particles in its manufacturing process or has some kind of dust as a result of its productive process, explains Cassiano Facchinetti, Event Manager in Brazil, that already has the confirmed presence of Bepex companies, Dynamic Air, Garyn   Systems, HMPS, Nederman of Brazil, OGa, Samway, Solberg, GEA, BS&B and Hosokawa.

During the event, visitors will have access to the full chain supplier of equipment for environmental controls and pollution, transport and storage, reducers, solids handling in food processing, separation systems and equipment, sorting and filtering, dryers of powders and bulk solids, chemical processing technologies, thermal processor, analysis and characterization of particles, mixers, scales and weighing systems, processing and mixtures, Instrumentation and control, packaging and filling, Special pneumatic transport systems, industrial guards fire, services, between other.


PTX – Powder Technology Expo – South America

Date: 21 the 23 August 2012

Location: Transamérica Expo Center, São Paulo, SP

Zone: of 10 at 6:0 pm

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