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With the theme of Digital Entrepreneurship, the Top Blog Portal opens registration for the fourth edition of the Top Blog Award. Anyone who wants to participate should subscribe to 13 July by the hotsite award, in the e-mail address; After this deadline, remaining entries will be accepted until September, According to the regulation. On the day 14 July begins the first round of voting of the blogs registered.

premio topblogThe Top Blog Award brings together bloggers from all over the country mobilized to reach the final of the event and has three phases. In the first round are chosen a hundred blogs (Top100), that are the most voted by the blogosphere (popular jury). Moving on to the second round, in a new election, are chosen the thirty most votes (Top 30), also by popular jury. In the award ceremony are revealed the three most voted blogs (Top3), both the popular jury, as for opinion makers that make up an academic jury.

The objective of the theme of this edition of the Top Blog Award Brazil, Digital Entrepreneurship, is to encourage bloggers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs around the subject. For it shall be made available to subscribers free courses, gratuitos e colaborativos em plataformas digitais de EAD-Education a Distância, whose themes revolve around web practices: blogs, social networks, ecommerce, e-marketing, communication and digital entrepreneurship.

In all editions of Top Blog Award, Subscribers, After meeting steps – According to the regulation, – outside the award seal on their blogs, without the option of removing the advertising that was already linked. One of the novelties of this edition is the blogger's choice in choosing the label with advertising (sponsored stamp) or seal without advertising (independent label).

In addition to the prize, that mobilizes the whole blogosphere participant, the Top Blog brings more visibility and increases the number of visitors to blogs registered in the portal.

According To José Carlos Almeida, Director and creator of the Top Blog Portal, the award aims to encourage the Brazilian blogosphere. “The importance of the award is to encourage the Brazilian blogs, Recognizing the value of bloggers that are the real entrepreneurs of the digital age”.

About the award and Top Blog portal

The Top Blog is the largest collaborative content portal of Brazil offers search service, indexing and dissemination of blogs and, Why, gathers a large virtual community of publishers bloggers.

The Top Blog Award had its first edition in 2009. Back and forth it's 180 thousand blog indexed in Top Blog Portal and about 47 thousand enrolled on the prize.

The variety of blogs recorded in the 25 Top Blog categories include bloggers from across the country. Among them are some names well known to the general public, as the presenter and ex-BBB Iris Stefanelli (Sirizão blog), Senator Avar Days (blog of the Avar Days, Paulo Henrique Amorim journalist (blog Cinematical), the supermodel Gisele Bundchen (Gisele's blog), the journalist Ricardo Kostcho (Dave Kostcho's blog). Blogging also known as the humorous Troll, the controversial political pragmatism, the Blog of Dilma, the Blog Tools, in technology, o CJBR em games, between other. Also present are companies blogging award, inscritos na categoria Professional, as the Iveco's blog, Natura's blog, Santander and other.

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