China Telecom joins to expand operations in Brazil

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 china telecom china communications service unem expandir operações américa latina brasil  China Telecom Corporation Limited (China Telecom) and the China Communications Services Corporation Limited (China ComService) jointly announced their expansion plans for Brazil and Latin America during a business seminar and an opening ceremony carried out in São Paulo, in Brazil. The event counted with the participation of Mr. Donald Tan, President of China Telecom Americas, Mr. Xiaoyi Liu, Executive Vice President of China ComService and Sr. Sun Rongmao, Cônsul General da China em São Paulo (Brazil), bem como other importantes executivos das duas empresas e 100 guests, including members of the Government, corporate partners and executives of multinational companies Brazilian and Chinese.

China Telecom and China ComService are collaborating to better meet the needs of businesses and global operators in Brazil and throughout Latin America. The newly established subsidiaries, China Telecom do Brasil e China Communications Services do Brasil terão sede em São Paulo e serão as respectivas filiais locais de cada dessas empresas responsáveis pela expansão e pelo development dos negócios na região. China Telecom of Brazil, that will be directly administered by China Telecom Americas, also announced the launch of its portfolio of products and data services, that includes SERVICE (International Private Leased Circuit), IP access, IP VPN, as well as fully managed data services. The company plans to introduce the services of Internet Data Center (IDC) and cloud computing in the future. In addition, It will provide voice services by volume for the communication between the Brazil and Asia Pacific regions, including China. China Telecom of Brazil will provide voice and data services at an international level for multinational companies, organizations and international carriers based in Brazil and multinational companies based in China that need a connection between Brazil and China and other South East Asian countries.

In 1 September 2011, Anatel, National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil, issued a license for multimedia communication Services (MCS) for China Telecom in Brazil. The company has invested millions of dollars to complete the construction of point of presence (PoP) of São Paulo and the international network that connects to the backbone network of the global access of North America, establishing a direct network connection from South America to China. In the second half of 2012, China Telecom of Brazil will build the second PoP network in Brazil to increase capacity and network reliability.

“Brazilian companies are experiencing a growing demand to invest and establish operations in the Chinese market. Many companies are actively seeking an experienced partner to help them develop and implement a business plan that will allow them to act successfully in China. For these companies, China Telecom of Brazil is among the most trusted partners”, said Mr. Donald Tan, President of China Telecom Americas. “We recognize the importance of Brazil and the Latin American market in General. We are committed to the development of the Brazilian market, that will act as a Centre for our operations in continuous expansion in Latin America. China Telecom of Brazil also will establish partnerships with Telecom operators of Brazil and Latin America to expand our network coverage and service.”

Meanwhile the China Communications Services of Brazil will provide its customers with integrated solutions, that include telecommunications infrastructure services (“TIS”) (including project, construction and supervision and project management), business process outsourcing services (“BPO”) (as maintenance, distribution of telecommunication products and services, and facilities management), and applications, content and other it outsourcing services (“ACO”) (among them, It applications, Internet services and voice value-added services, etc).

“The establishment of the China Communications Services of Brazil is an important strategic step of expansion of CCS abroad. Certainly, the provision of high quality services in Brazil will allow China ComService accumulate experience in enhance and solidify its services in Latin America”, said Mr. Xiaoyi Liu, Executive Vice President of China ComService. He also emphasized that the “China Communications Services of Brazil would like to participate in the development of telecommunications in Brazil and provide high quality services to Brazilian clients in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure, network maintenance and systems integration applying a successful experience and technical advantages to meet the domestic carriers of China”.

China and Brazil are two of the most influential powers among developing countries. The two countries have strong trade ties and increasing expansion. Chinese investment in Brazil surpassed the figure of US $ 9 bilhões (R$ 18,5 bilhões) em 2011, while dozens of Brazilian companies, mainly in the sectors of iron, oil and gas, mining and mechanical engineering have investments in China. Since 2009, China has become the largest trading partner of Brazil. The turnover of Brazil with China totaled US $ 77,1 bilhões (R$ 158,5 bilhões) em 2011.inR $billion


China Telecom Corporation Limited is a full-service integrated operator and the largest provider of broadband services and fixed-line telecommunications, providing telecommunications services and information, including fixed line voice, mobile voice, data, video and multimedia in China. By the end of April 2012, China Telecom had 175 million fixed telephony subscribers, 138 millions of mobile phone subscribers (CDMA) and practically 85 million broadband customers. Their actions and certificates of deposits of American securities (American Depositary Shares – ADSs) are listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong and New York, respectively.

After you establish a representative office in Los Angeles, in 2000, China Telecom officially started its expansion abroad. In the past decade, China Telecom installed three companies abroad: China Telecom Americas, China Telecom (Hong Kong) and China Telecom (Europa). These companies cover the regions of the Americas, Asia, Australia and the EMEuroperopa, Middle East and Africa). In these countries and regions, China Telecom has built more than 40 PoPs (Points of presence) and other infrastructure, including a large number of submarines and ground cables.


China Communications Services (CCS) It is a subsidiary of China Telecom Group. Is one of the largest providers of telecommunications services in China. In 8 December 2006, She opened its capital on the stock exchange of Hong Kong and became the first telecommunication service company listed on stock exchanges abroad. CCS provides integrated support services in the sector of computerization, including telecommunications, mídia e technology. China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, the main telecom operators in China, are the main shareholders of CCC and also their largest clients. CCS operates in the telecommunications industry for more than 50 years and built most of the telecommunication network of the three largest carriers of China, that sum 700 millions of mobile users, 330 million fixed subscribers and 95 millions of broadband accesses. The network of CCS-ready solution covers all essential services, including consulting, planning, project, construction, maintenance and operation. In addition, CCS provides services for clients who are not carriers, including government agencies, telecommunications equipment manufacturers and enterprise customers. In 2011, CCS was ranked In. 79 in the list of 500 major Fortune China. The annual revenue totaled 53,5 billion yuan, increased 17,6% in comparison with 2010. Since the establishment of the CCS, the company implemented firmly their overseas development strategy, and also extended its services to more than 50 countries and regions in the world.

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