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websiteIbope Nielsen Online's research shows that in Brazil the total number of people with internet access in any environment (homes, work, schools, lan houses or other locations) reached 82,4 million in the first quarter of 2012. In 2008, the number of people with internet access in our country was 41,565 million. “Nowadays, It's very important to have a website. In The United States, If you don't have a website, you don't exist. This reality is also coming to Brazil” says Michael Boeckle, Director of the BSI (Business Solution International), company that produces and optimizes sites.

According to the Director of the BSI, Michael Boeckle, the use of the internet to search for products and services over the internet has grown a lot in the last decade. Ele aponta um estudo realizado pela América Economia Intelligence que mostra um growth of 43% no comércio e-mail do país no ano passado. ?Companies that have a website can show their products and maintain a close contact with their clients. This is a way to keep customers coming to the company, What can create loyalty. Having a website also ensures visibility for their products, including at the international level?, He says.

Internet studies show that Internet users it takes from one to three seconds to evaluate the site. If he doesn't find what he's looking for at this time, fatally, He will leave the site. Daí a importance de ter um site bem feito e Professional, What conveys security and reliability Unlike blogs and amateur pages. Another very important factor is the implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) What is known as search engine optimization. “People give more credit to the company that they are organically than by sponsored links. In organic searches, It was the visitors who found the product while in sponsored links, the client was found by advertising”, says Boeckle.

According to the Director of the Business Solution International, Michael Boeckle, one of the customers, a doctor, said that nowadays more than 50% of patients, arriving for the first query, comes over the internet through search engines such as Google and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Another client, also doctor, said that with the internet, patients come to his Office so much more informed, What left the most efficient query, Since communication with patients much better.

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