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About 30 profissionais ligados a empresas de Technology the Innovation e Comunicação (ICT) of Western Paraná concluded, in the last week, training on a course management and requirements engineering of software. The training was carried out in partnership between Sebrae/PR and Local productive arrangement of ICT, the APL Iguassu-IT , composed of 60 micro and small businesses in the region.

softwareAccording to the consultant of Sebrae/PR, Martin Barnard, the existence of an APL provides strength to the sector and raises new possibilities, How to bring the interior before courses offered only in large cities or in the capitals. “We realize the growth of a sector where companies can, together, alcançar o development, and the APL brings this opportunity to multiply results”, highlights.

The novelty to the qualification requirements, emphasizes the consultant, is that other companies in the sector were invited to share knowledge. “The APL is also a form of rapprochement and interaction between ICT companies in the region. An opportunity to make them see that the voluntary sector is also a way to grow individually.”

Luis Claudio S, owner of LSX, company of software commercial management in Cascavel, says that the perception of earnings to be part of an APL is clear. “We are earning a lot in training, in technical missions and, until, in the search for funding. This a whole, showing that companies are emerging in an APL growth route”, believe Sa.

Cursos rápidos e práticos como esse são opportunities excellent, directed to what we need”, evaluates Silvio Rogério Felipe Gomes, It Manager of Maxicon, company of software de Toledo. “This Monday, day 30, will the transfer of that can be applied in the enterprise. Com esses treinamentos saímos da zona de conforto e despertamos para o development”, stresses.

The instructor training of management and requirements engineering of software, Nikolai Albuquerque, It was also a great decoy for participating companies. “Where the course is with Nikolai I participate. It is a benchmark in management of agile techniques”, declares Sampaio. “Also take advantage of the possibility of future consulting with renowned people as it”, Bill Garcia.

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