Twitter is the social network of choice for journalists in Brazil and in Mexico

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twitterThe PR Newswire – leader in innovative solutions in the area of marketing and communication – realizou uma pesquisa com jornalistas brasileiros e mexicanos para descobrir de que maneira eles estão using as redes sociais na sua rotina Professional. The Brazilian stage happened last year, While the Mexican stage was finished now, in July. In the two countries, the most interesting find was the influence of Twitter next to media: ele é a tool social preferida na hora de entrar em contato com as fontes.

When asked about which social network would help the work of journalist, the microblog led the vote, with 73,4% of votes in Brazil and 78,2% in Mexico. Facebook came following, with 18,7% preference in Brazil and 13,2% Media preference in Mexico.

This shows that social networks, based on relationship and exchange of information, become a channel for journalists to find their sources. When asked if they used social networks to contact, 79.7% said yes in Brazil and 76.8% said the same in Mexico.

Journalists who responded to the survey by PR Newswire showed that, In addition to information on social networks, also like to split them up using these channels. The Brazilian participants, 33.8% disseram sempre replicar as matérias que escrevem em sites de relacionamento e 22% guaranteed share them occasionally while 31.4 % Mexican journalists often disclose their content and 24.5% do this occasionally.

According to John Weigel, Director of media relations & Marketing of PR Newswire in Latin America, Thanks to this survey and its participants it is possible to conclude that social networks are influencing the way of doing journalism in Brazil and in Mexico, o que confirma a importance das mesmas não só para o jornalismo, but also for the communication as a whole. “No doubt social media have already been incorporated into the scope and routine work of many professionals, particularly in the area of communication. The form of use may vary and there is still room to improve best practices, making the tools even more efficient. It is in this space that the PR Newswire has important role, by this we are conducting new research, trying to identify new data, seeking to improve increasingly our interaction with journalists and opinion formers, one of the key target audiences in our business.”

About the search:

The survey contained questions multiple choice, with issues relating to the use and preference for social networks. The disclosure happened via email and twitter from PR Newswire, both in Brazil and in Mexico. Altogether, 305 journalists from different media types (radio, TV, newspapers, magazine and internet) replied to the questionnaire in the Brazil and 220 participated in in Mexico.

The result of the comparison is available via Slide Share and the independent results in each country can be found in the papers of research in Brazil and Mexico.

Source: PR Newswire

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