The electoral title is used as bait by cyber criminals to attack computer user

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The message that is being used by criminals says that the title of elector of person finds himself in suspended situation and to regularize just click on the link that follows in the message, which are actually files contaminated with viruses designed to steal banking information and credit card users.

hacker 2“This is more an attempt to attack of cyber criminals who use all the creativity and fact of the day-to-day that can easily fool the inattentive user”, explains Eduardo Lopes, diretor comercial da Nodes Technology, that represents the Avira, fabricante de soluções antivirus, with more than 15 millions of users in Brazil. He recalls that cyber criminals are well informed, intelligent and, especially, opportunists.

Para evitar que seu computer seja infectado, Lee advises users not to open these types of messages, and if you have questions about your election situation, one can make the query directly on the site of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), ( where the elector should inform your full name and your date of birth, or even attend the Electoral Office nearest to your residence. The Executive remembers, still, the site of the TSE only informs his electoral situation, If you are really irregular, the voter must attend the electoral registry for settlement of the document.

Another tip given by Edward Lee is to maintain security systems always up-to-date because the antivirus software blocks the action of fake email, que geralmente vem com um novo cavalo de troia criado para roubar os dados confidenciais existentes no computer. “There are low-cost security solutions on the market that make this work and it is not worth risking the economy with this type of subject”. 

“The best way to protect yourself from the action of cyber criminals is to not rely on any message that arrives by email and keep your programs updated, inclusive o sistema operacional e other programas de uso diário, because the malicious codes also seek a loophole there to enter the computer”, Executive alert.

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