E-mail spam drops 25% in two years

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e-mail spam dois anosAccording to Marketing Info, spam email traffic fell approximately 25%. O principal motivo parece ser melhorias drásticas na technology e em sistemas de filtragem.

Global spam traffic fell approximately 25% in the last two years. This fall, posted by Symantec, mostra que alterações e melhorias na technology são o principal motivo para a enorme queda no spam.

Despite the increase in traffic of incoming spam, the India surpassed the us in spam output in 1% (9,3% the 8,3%) in the first quarter of 2012, changes in technology have meant that most users didn't notice the increase. Best protection antivirus, strong data management companies and recognition by the creators of spam that your methods no longer work are all contributing factors to the crash. Gerenciamento de dados mais rígido para cumprimento da legislação de listas endereços trabalha em conjunto com controle de vírus que luta contra vírus botnet de computer.

Source: PR Newswire

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