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aplicativos windows  One of the foci of Smyowl is to create products that can be used on most platforms available on the market, as Android, Android Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, Amazon Kindle Fire, Pixel Sense and Facebook, interconnected social and interactive way between all devices.

“When we develop a product, think on how it will suit the consumer world and how you can improve your day to day”, define Mauricio Alegretti, Chief Technology Officer at Smyowl.

Attentive to the corporate market, the Smyowl also applies the same principles to develop multiplatform business solutions that meet the needs of process optimization, disclosure of contents, training and integration among employees.

“Our delivery capacity in various operating environments and the use of concepts from the consumer market in the business environment are characteristics that have been showing decisive also to our corporate partners”, comments John Paul Beldi, Chief Financial Officer.


Although young, the startup already has a diversified portfolio. On line Games, two Games – La Cucaracha and Button Soccer – part of the atmosphere of the world Smyowl and are now available for digital download at virtual stores Google Play (in versions for tablet and smartphone), Apple Store (in versions for iPhone and iPad), Positive Store, Amazon Store and even at the newly-opened Windows 8 Store, representing in this case the first two Brazilian games to be published on world shop.

From the user's point of view, both games offer a casual entertainment, but challenging. The practicality of being available in a wide variety of devices enables competition among multiple players, regardless of the device they are using.

As in any good competition, the games offer the global leaderboards and score, stimulating overcoming every round.

The SmyFashion is an application that brings a new concept in fashion catalog, allowing a fun and interactive experience to the user from viewing and creating looks with several pieces of clothing that can be purchased.

In addition, the idea is to bring the best brands of the fashion world and offer the user from highly regarded news fashion blogs. This application was released initially in Windows8 platform, having already become a successful case shipped in brand new Intel Home Depot. Proof of this is that the application was presented by the President of Intel in international event directed to the entire Latin America.

The e-book Magic Farm consists of a collection of interactive books with pictures and uncomplicated texts and various multimedia features, as the audio recording that can be done by the user himself. The bilingual feature, In addition, encourages children, target audience of the product, second language learning. The proposal is to transmit values on citizenship, Ethics and environmental conservation to children of different ages, especially those who are in the process of literacy.

To be specially dedicated to this audience, the tool is based on a simple platform and interactively. This is the first of a planned series of 12 books in this collection, and that has already become success.

In line with Kinect, the company broke new ground with the construction of its Kinect product Automation, that allows generic recognition of gestures, body positions and voice command for control of various devices, desde robôs controlados por Arduino até o próprio keyboard and mouse the computer. The product has been used in diverse experiences connecting the real and the virtual, in an innovative way and agile deployment.

All these four releases of Smyowl were aboard devices from Microsoft Brazil for “wine tasting” the release of Windows 8, that occurred simultaneously around the world on the day 26 October 2012.


WEB PLATFORMS: the Smyowl connect search facilities, interacting so flexible, Agile and secure in a structure based on ?cloud? that provides scalability and security solutions (as e-commerce, social networks, among other) who can rely on a robust and optimized backend and frontend using leading-edge technologies.

APPLICATIONS: available on mobile phones and tablets to the consumer and corporate market. Are applications developed in various operating systems, for users to have always at hand a package of useful and efficient solutions to the day-to-day.

GAMES: offer ranging from entertainment to training tools with concepts of gamification. Are available in the widest range of devices, as computers, smartphones, tablets, among others.

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