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10 December 2012 | In News | 458 views | By

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Depois do GMail e Google ficarem fora do ar agora foi a vez do Facebook. Users que tentam acessar o serviço – including me – receive the following message: “Unable to determine the DNS server address”.

facebook switch off

Some say that 2012 It's the end of the world. For the “web Giants” being off the air right to doubt. But, as we are optimistic, We await the return of the social network and, In brief, publicaremos mais News por aqui a respeito deste fato.

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THE problem não atingiu a todos os usuários da rede social mais utilizada no planeta. She has 1 billion users. On Twitter, several users of the social network of countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Chile and the United States, stated that they couldn't access the social network.

Around 22 (h) most people who tried to access the social network reported that the service had been normalized. But, for those who cannot access Facebook, an alternative address is tested:

Note: If the social network's off-air enjoy to read a book, call a friend, study for the test or just enjoy the holidays. It's good to have a social life once in a while! Ou conte-nos o que você faz quando fica sem internet aqui nos comentários, We have no idea what it's like to life off the web :)

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