Safety transformed into marketing can increase the conversion rate by up to 15% and combat “sniffing”

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That security is one of the main points required in e-commerce, tired of everybody already know. SSL Certificate, EV, anti-malware, shielding against hackers, between other termos, help retailers keep data safe. Consumer distrust in sites is increasing, and so, netizens fail to make online transactions for fear of having their data published and/or do not trust in the quality of the product. So, retailers must make sure the tools capable of transmitting to the client security, quality and efficiency in service. According to the e-commerce Manager, Francis Ibitoye, "retailers don't exploit the marketing potential of a digital certificate to increase the conversion rate and quality in your business".

ladrao virtualAccording to he, at least 75% of potential customers abandon the shopping cart before finalizing the request. So, In addition to the certificate, It is important that the site also offers contact, address, politics of evolution, delivery time, etc. The more information the customer get, the greater the chance of completion of the order without any kind of fear.

This practice of information theft in transit is named “sniffing”, and has occurred on a large scale. Every day the scams are increasingly fast and cleared. A simple SSL certification eliminates the “sniffisniffing;, but don't fight “phishing” (theft of information through fake pages).

Security certificate

The safety certificates, known as digital certificates or EV SSL Extended Validation SSL, are qualified documents that are presented to users from the Internet differently, transmitting high security for being analyzed in audit. SSL is an acronym for “Secure Socket Layer”, where the translation would be similar to “Secure connection layer”.

O objetivo de uma loja possuir esse certificado é a necessidade de a transmission de formulário com os dados do cliente (including credit card data) are encrypted and only decriptadas on the server, avoiding exposure of information when sending. "SSL is responsible under change of address “http” for “https”, where the's ' stands for security ", explains Francis.

Indication on the screen

SSL is typically represented by an icon in the shape of padlock, located at the bottom of the window or in the address bar. To make a double click on the image it is possible to check the server digital certificate. Com o SSL é possível garantir uma alta segurança no comércio e-mail, In addition to winning the trust of customers. There are on the market various brands and types of SSL security certificates, offering often the same type of data encryption, the same quality, but with prices that can range from $ 49 up to $ 2.000.

About Eletrônica Santana: The store was opened in 1964, in the northern zone of São Paulo, the father of Rubens Branchini Malik, Mr. Rubens Martins. At the beginning, selling parts for the technical assistance, but that began to change in the years 90, affected by the opening of imports. The low price of new equipment decreased demand for repairs, What did you do to diversify the business. Adapting to market demand, went on to work with telecommunications equipment, Electronics and security. Com o rápido avanço da technology se aprimorou em 2003, with the launch of the online store. Today, sells more than 8,000 products ranging from a stack up to the most modern telecommunication systems, telephony and security. In 2012, Electronics Santana was ranked the 90th largest online retailer of Latin America and the 37th in the national territory, According to the Top Tab 300 Latin America, produced by Internet Retailer.

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