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The Fotolia, a world leader in the marketing of images by micropayment business model, became the newest member of the attribution of images of Pinterest. Fotolia's participation brings great improvements to photographers and illustrators, whose works appear on Pinterest. Specifically, the images of the extensive collection of stock photos Fotolia which are "pinnate" ("pinned" / pinpricks) on Pinterest shall be clearly identified with image information and tagged as photos of the Fotolia Image Bank.

pinterestEssas características de identifiesção incluem a marca d’água da Fotolia em cada imagem. In addition, When someone clicks on a PIN of Fotolia, There will be three links: one for the own image on Fotolia Web site, one for the portfolio of the artist and another to the Fotolia website. These settings make it easier for people on Pinterest go straight to the image in the Fotolia Image Bank, baixem as fotos e usem como content livre de royalties para todas as suas necessidades criativas.

"Thousands of images of our photographers and designers can already be found on Pinterest", Soeren von Varchmin explains, Vice President of development de negócios da Fotolia. “Essas configurações criam uma consciência ampliada sobre os nossos contribuintes e os permite usar um dos mais usados serviços online como uma platform atraente para a promoção de suas imagens.”

"Every day on Pinterest, millions of people find new images that interests them. To join our programme of attribution, the Fotolia ensures that users of Pinterest are connected to the best information they can find about your photographers. The integration also helps connect the photographers to new potential customers. ", said Kent Brewster, software engineer and leader of the program assignment Pinterest.

"Photographers and illustrators who contribute to the Fotolia will surely benefit from this new feature of Pinterest.", says Arne Trautmann (also known as Kzenon). The German lawyer specializing in media law and IP is one of the most successful photographers of microstock, with more than 100,000 pictures sold so far on Fotolia. "The Pinterest has much style and is filled with Visual attractions, Why, I've been using it for a while for inspiration. Now that the source of each image from Fotolia is pinada is identified automatically, nosso conteúdo criativo pode ser rastreado easily e temos a chance de atrair o interesse das pessoas para o nosso portfolio.” O portfolio de Arne Trautmann pode ser encontrado aqui: and

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