Brazilian E-commerce invests in training of young professionals

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Lack of skilled labor is one of the main operational challenges of e-commerce in Brazil. According to e-bit, reference in providing information about electronic commerce, in 65% selection process the candidates are considered unprepared to occupy the vacancies. To attract and train these professionals, the Eletrônica Santana, company that is 48 years in the market, created an initiative in partnership with leading universities of the capital, being they Anhembi Morumbi, Anhanguera, FIAP, Senac, FGV and E-commerce. The goal is to get motivated talents directly in educational institutions, and so, prepare and develop young professionals to one of the growing areas of the country.

capacitacaoThe project that shall enter into force at the beginning of 2013 aims to promote a trainee program lasting a year and so, prepare and empower young professionals in areas that are not part of the school curriculum in order to act in one of the growing areas of the country. Interested students must be attending the 3rd or 4th school year, plus enrolled in the courses: gestão da technology of information, Administration, financial management, e-commerce e development web. According to the Director of operations and Electronic Design precursor Santana, Joris Teeuwen, a relativa escassez de mão de obra no mercado de e-commerce é reflexo do growth acelerado do setor no País. "The tremendous growth of e-commerce in Brazil ended up absorbing the few multitalentosos professionals directly affecting the competitive power of enterprises", says Joris.

Some areas of e-commerce marketing, commercial, product management, among other, necessitam de mão de obra especializada e geram diversas opportunities no comercio eletrônico. However, Despite the large number of vacancies, Joris says that companies seek a multidisciplinary profile in candidates, they often do not possess and what colleges don't empower. According to him, the market demands professionals who understand commercial action, up-to-date and able to mount strategic plans and actions in their area of training. This requires that its professionals who are "multidisciplinary, explains Joris. "The challenge of e-commerce is summed up in two words: creativity and curiosity.

To participate in the trainee program provided by the company, students of the institutions mentioned above should forward resume to Beyond the candidates ' initiative, the rectory of each institution will select students with the best grades to participate in the selection process.

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