Panasonic introduces new high performance headphones to Brazilian market

30 January 2013 | In News | 451 views | By

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Os apreciadores de music agora terão novos meios para tirar o melhor som de seus equipamentos eletrônicos. Panasonic has launched the new models of headset, com alta quality de áudio, sound insulation and design. Are they the HXD5 and HXD3, already available on Panasonic's E-Commerce and on sale in all Brazil.

headsetThe HXD5 has an excellent frequency response what represents best reproduction of bass and treble, producing a sound extremely clean and of high quality.

Today, the item is the top-of-the-line model from Panasonic, aimed at people who seek maximum sound quality and comfort. It is available in the colours black with red and white with green.

HXD3 already is focused on offering style and differentiated design, with 4 color options, among them, White, Black, Red & violet. In addition, offers a different experience of sound, Since your drives are mobile and made very soft silicone. This provides a nice feeling while listening to your favorite songs.

The two headphones come accompanied by control, with the functions of pause, play, forward and backward, além de microfone com atendimento e cancelamento de chamadas no celular ou smartphone dos sistemas operacionais IOS e Android. The products also contains an adapter for Nokia models.

Suggested prices:

HXD5WE = $ 259,00

HXD3WE = $ 199,00

É possível comprar os dois modelos pelo e-commerce da Panasonic com condições especiais de launch until 08/02:

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