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In recent years there has been a change in people's behavior and the way they consume and purchase products and services. For this reason, empresas têm se dedicado a aprimorar o atendimento e gerenciar uma demanda cada vez mais exigente quanto a agilidade na prestação de serviço.Elasadaptaram antigos modelos de negócios para other mais modernos, in particular the communication with the target audience. The sentence of “order” He is currently: “the best service is the one who atingeos my goals faster, at the lowest price and that requires the least possible time to me”. And it turned mania worldwide.

Online LifestyleSo much so that, According to a survey conducted by the American company Apigee and disclosed last week, 86% dos participantes do levantamento afirmaram que preferem ficar sem água que sem os applications. The study was done with 762 users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain.

The number of applications has multiplied with each passing day. To give you an idea, the Android espera ter em 2013, According to ABI Research Consulting, 56 billion application downloads by December. Apple should have about 14 billion by the end of the year.

Ease of transport

And who cares about getting stuck in traffic because loses hours without Internet access, delaying the activities and business, You can count on some innovations found in the market. The free application from SaferTaxi ( allows you to locate the nearest cab with just a few clicks and still offers wi-fi in cars for customers. The service has more than 750 taxi drivers in the capital paulistana and metropolitan regions.

With the application, the user can, for example, enjoy the end of a working meeting to call the nearest cab driver and soon embark toward the final destination. During the course can access social networks, check emails, postar fotos e ficar por dentro das últimas News enquanto o usuário se desloca de um ponto a outro.

In addition, is no guarantee of greater safety to the customer. At the time of booking you can choose the profile of the driver of the vehicle, the model of car that most pleases the passenger and analyze customers ' evaluation about that professional and the service provided. All these actions can be carried out at the moment in which the user will request the taxi, by the application.

Virtual relationship

The virtual possibilities go far beyond traditional services. In the case of C-date (, German personals geared toward casual encounters, the focus is on people who feel alone due to the consequences of globalisation.

For anyone who has a life in the modern world and doesn't have much time to devote to a long relationship, the site offers the opportunity to meet people on the Internet just for casual encounters. The service allows, including,that the traditional phrase “my career makes me a person isolated from the world and alone, do you have time to have a relationship” become outdated these days.

According to the data released by Apigee, the fact “go to work without using applications” It seems impossible for about 20%. Approximately 19 ¯ irmaram that the main difficulty, If you do not use the applications, would maintain a relationship and 13% stated that wouldn't they flirt. In Brazil, the C-date already has more than 1,5 million registered users, being 51% women and 49% men. The site is present in 35 countries.

Home-office work

Abandon the offices and work from home has been increasingly an employee option in large cities. Was thinking that what the founders of i-Uni Brazil scheduled the concept of flexible working hours within the company, that is geared towards the real estate segment.

Today, cerca de 20% people looking for an apartment to buy want a "home-office". Most builders are targeting their business for this market. It is estimated that today, in Brazil, cerca de 10 millions ofaboutalready work at home, According to data from the Brazilian society of Telecommuting and Teleatividades (Sobratt).

Activities such as the real estate licensing, new real estate business model brought to the country by i-Uni Brazil, is a great example of this practice. With the network operating system based on Computer Clowd (um servidor em rede online permite o acesso rápido e leve de qualquer dispositivo eletrônico como computers, tablets and smartphones), autonomous brokers can work at home, eliminating additional costs with the rent of a shop or Office, for example.

SATS in the Palm of your hand

For the vestibular also has novelty. Collective Learning ( created a website completode study so that students can access from anywhere in the world, via Internet, the materials made available on virtual platform. The service is totally gratuitoe supplies extra-aula, with videos, simulated, content for reading and electronic organizer students.

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