Growing number of women entrepreneurs

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According to research conducted by social network Linkedin to mark the international day of women, 63% das mulheres entrevistadas acreditam que encontrar o equilíbrio entre a vida pessoal e Professional seja sinônimo de sucesso. Held recently with 5.300 women of 13 countries, the survey found a significant increase in concern with personal life, Since there is 5 years the same study indicated that 39% They considered the issue a priority. Uma das consequências desse fenômeno é a constatação do aumento do número de empreendedoras brasileiras.

Women EntrepreneurLevantamento realizado pelo Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas (Sebrae) with GEM research data (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), he heard 10 thousand people in 2012, shows that the rate of entrepreneurship by women rose from opportunity 39% in 2002 for approximately 65% in the past year. This means that more women entrepreneurs have sought ways to do what you like, through the opening of a business own by choice and less out of necessity, as in case of unemployment.

Changes in the environment and more sensitivity

The increase in the number of entrepreneurs, the search for a lifestyle that integrates best career and family and the generation of differentiated business have outlined a scenario of Brazilian women protagonism. An example of this is the presence of women in primarily male environments, tal como era reconhecida a área de technology há alguns anos.

Juliana Quota, co-founder and VP of service Goomark, reveals that the opening of the business in the area of digital marketing meets the movement of achievements of Brazilian women. "When I opened the Agency in 2008 with my brother, found few women making decisions in relation to technology and digital communication strategies in enterprises. Today I see a greater number of women in the area and identify significant changes ", evaluates Juliana.

In the branch of civil construction, an example of female presence is the acting of Meire Ferreira, co-founder and Manager of the New tile company. There Are 17 years in the market, your small business became a reference in the city of Sao Paulo because of the offer differentiated services and renovation of roofs. For Meire, one of the most important aspects to the work is the notion of care and sensitivity at the moment of detecting customer's need, While that has to deal with professionals like masters and Masons. "I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of women and their ability to professionalism, even in a male environment ", reveals.

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