Cards and mobile sector grows in Brazil and Carnival anticipates trends

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The card market, electronic means of payment, certification and digital ID has grown in recent years in Brazil due to the rise of people's income and the improvement in the country's economic scenario, that part of the population migrated to higher classes and, Consequently, increased consumer power.

According to the Brazilian Association of credit card companies and services (Abecs), in the first half of last year, There were 717.843 cards in circulation in the country, including debt, credit and private label. Isso representa um growth of 9% over the same period of 2011 and, According to estimates of consultants, the average expansion should grow further in 2013.

Cartao"The card sector grows at rates exceeding 20% per annum and is starting to reach the base of the pyramid, What is very important for accelerating financial inclusion of people. The destaques do segmento serão o uso de technologies e mecanismos de larga escala, the lower costs, and they are functional for attracting a huge portion of the population that is still outside the banking world "explains Ravi Ramos Freire, President of retail consulting Boanerges & Cla.

Outra tendência apontada por especialistas é o uso crescente de pagamentos via celular seja por meio de softwares ou applications. "These two options are an excellent means of financial inclusion. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone and this is the most efficient way and to bring people into the world of electronic payments. People may not even have bank account, but surely will have a mobile device ", suggests the consultant Rafael Durer.

At the other end, with the increased use of credit cards and electronic payments, growing concern of banks, with retailers and financial frauds and losses. So, the use of biometrics and software that help banks to predict cloning documents will also be in high.

To anticipate these news, Sao Paulo will host the 18th Edition of the PAYMENT CARDS & IDENTIFICATION, the largest cards, electronic means of payment, certification and digital identification of Latin America. The event, which is held and organized by grupo BTS Reports, will be of 10 the 12 April at the Transamerica Expo Center.

The main novelty this year is the change of address. After 17 years happening in the Frei Caneca Convention Center, the Organization has migrated the fair for Transamerica, one of the most complete in the city exhibition pavilions.

"This change brought an increase of 50% in the area of exhibition of the CARDS. Most of our exhibitors have doubled the size of their stands and may bring equipment and do demos, What was not possible in previous versions ", explains John Picolo, Director of the fair.

With impeccable infrastructure and easy access, the approximately 6500 expected visitors will be able to meet the new 130 national and international exhibitors spread across over 4,000 square meters. In addition to the stands, There will be the Congress, that will discuss topics such as the impact of the reduction of interest rates in the industry, register positive, loyalty and delinquency and will feature executives from brands like Serasa Experian, Citibank, Casas Bahia, Lojas Marisa, Vivo, Visa, between other.

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