Curitiba WINS internet page to accompany the evolution of urban mobility

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A capital paranaense é uma das cidades brasileiras avaliadas na seção Acompanhe a Mobilidade, recently launched by the portal Mobilize Brazil. On the page it is possible to know everything about the present situation of transport in the city and understand how the sustainable urban mobility projects (VLT, bike lanes and sidewalks) foreseen for the next years.

Mobilidade“The section is the result of hard work of months of camp and consolidation of data that involved my personal dedication and the entire team of Mobilize, in search of scattered information and some controversial”, explains Ricky Ribeiro, Creator and Director of the portal.

Follow the Mobility section is designed in the form of charts and tables, for that information is accessible directly and objectively. On the main page the reader has access to several indicators of mobility, with comparisons between Brazilian cities. Are given as:

- cycling structure
– subway
– accessible bus
– cost of the bus fare
– sidewalks
– ramps for wheelchair users
– afforestation
– existence of street plates
– amount of motorised trips
emissão de poluentes por vehicles
– traffic deaths, and other information of each city.

For the time being, the section gathers data from Manaus, Fortress, Christmas, Recife, Salvador, Brasilia, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cuiabá, Curitiba and Porto Alegre, In addition to partial data of Campo Grande and Florianopolis.

The portal aims to gradually enlarge Brazil Mobilize the scope of section, até atingir as capitais e main cidades do país.

The idea, second Ricky Ribeiro, is to stimulate the participation of volunteers in all Brazil to generate a map of national sustainable urban mobility. “The numbers we raised, already show, per se, We walk to a chaotic situation, e que em breve seremos ilhas isoladas num mar de cars, trucks and buses. If we wish to reverse this frame, It is necessary that each citizen to act to improve the conditions for the movement of pedestrians and stimulate investments in public transport in cities”, concludes the Director of Mobilize.

Meet the section Follow the mobility at the address

About the Mobilize Brazil
The Mobilize Brazil is a movement towards sustainable urban mobility, conceito que envolve a implantação de systems sobre trilhos, as subways, modern trams and trains (Tramways), bus “clean”, integration with the bike lanes, crawlers, large-capacity lifts. And innovative solutions, as the ski lifts of Medellin (Colombia), or public bike systems, as the deployed in Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Bogota, Boston and several other cities around the world.

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