Social media help to lower the price of tomatoes

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Nas últimas semanas o assunto da internet era o aumento abusivo do preço do tomate, não havia ninguém que não tivesse em sua página do Facebook ou Twitter algum post ou twit sobre o assunto. Between a joke and other, Comparing tomatoes with precious stones and teaching recipes to replace the traditional tomato sauce in many creative ways, social media passed the information to your users that they should be alert to the price of the product and thus succeeded in making many consumers stop to buy making the price drop.

TomateDespite being present in the life of a large part of the population, Some entrepreneurs do not yet know the power of these social tools, that in addition to being able to mobilize a large number of people about a particular subject, are also able to promote a controversy. In the case of the rising price of tomatoes, It took some posts on pages online, to that demand for the product to shrink, já no caso das companies, basta utilizá-la de maneira correta para divulgar um novo produto ou service, reaching the audience of interest and generating sales demand.

Companies that are in social media, must be attentive to SAC 2.0, always answering the questions and complaints from consumers. With this, gain confidence and credibility, and even in times of crisis, the company must answer questions from consumers transparently, Since the absence of answers can generate an even greater crisis.

So, as empresas que gerenciam conteúdos nas mídias sociais precisam estar sempre atentas com o que acontece nas páginas dos seus customers e jamais deixar os consumidores sem resposta. Manage a crisis quickly and objectively is the best way to win over customers loyal.

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