Law of cyber-attacks is real in Brazil and Hones teaches you how to invest safely

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In force since 02 April, the law 12737/2012, popularly known as "Law Carolina Dieckmann", regulates the cybercrimes committed in Brazil, punishing any kind of violation of internet security mechanisms for obtaining private or commercial information. But, specialized companies like Hones Cyber Intelligence, make an alert: You can't confuse the backing given by the law in fact safely.

Seguranca OnlineThe resolutions of the new law determine punishments of up to two years for cyber criminals. In addition, There are two important amendments: the punishment becomes higher when the information obtained in the cyberattack are disclosed and, If the victim is a political figure from Brazil, for example, the President of the Republic, Governors or mayors, There is an increase in the penalty applied.

Embora a implantação da lei tenha gerado grande repercussão por conta do envolvimento de uma figura pública e other grandes crimes mundiais, the application can present gaps. I.e., will be considered crimes only acts carried out in systems protected by passwords. "We must pay attention mainly to the fact that the emergence of the law does not make the use of security software and protection expendable. O sistema de uma grande empresa em hipótese alguma pode abandonar esses devices. On the contrary, There are solutions available to large companies that provide adequate preparation for this type of situation ", explica o sócio fundador e diretor de technology da Apura, Sandro Suffert.

With extensive expertise in high-tech solutions, training and provision of specialized services in the areas of investigation of fraud in electronic media, incident response and information security, the Hones brings to Brazil the CIRT – Cyber Intelligence and Response Technology. Conceived by AccessData, It is based in Utah in the United States, trata-se de um software focado na identificação pró-ativa de fraudes e incidentes em ambiente corporativo – tanto nas informações armazenadas em computers, as the information travels over the network of the company. Considered one of the best and most complete of the segment, the solution has been designed based on market-leading technologies, used for decades by police forces around the world to carry out investigations in electronic media.

"With the deployment of CIRT, o responsável pela área de segurança da informação pode sondar milhares de computers em toda a empresa para identificar programas ​​maliciosos existentes na rede, In addition to performing efficiently analyses, correlating network data, endpoints and servers in a single interface. During this analysis, There is the possibility of responding to incidents in real time, and use the advanced features of the solution to remedy the threats and contain the damage on a centralised basis. Anyway, using intelligence gained with this solution during the analysis of incidents, the institutions can create profiles of threats to mitigate new occurrences in the future ", Finalizes the founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of Discharging, Rodrigo Antão.

About the Poll:
The Poll is a Brazilian company specialized in high-tech solutions, training and provision of specialized services in the areas of investigation of fraud in electronic media, incident response, information security and computer forensics. The institution is also part of Trace International, international anti-corruption organization, being audited annually in business processes, background of the partners, and other moral austerity validation procedures and ethics. More information on

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