Virgin Mobile Latin America Announces the launch of its second operation

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THE VMLA (Virgin Mobile Latin America), mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) regional, deu prosseguimento ao sucesso obtido no Chile com o launch da Virgin Mobile Colômbia. Virgin Mobile Colombia started out as a digital beta test and the answer was so surprising that 35 thousand users se registraram on-line antes do lançamento oficial em 30 April.
Such quick success can be attributed to a proposal which includes (1) call with fixed fee per second, without rounding to the nearest minute, (2) data over time with an innovative ON/OFF function that allows customers to control the use and expenditures, (3) WhatsApp unlimited data plans, In addition to the (4) exceptional customer service by which the Virgin is already known.

Virgin MobileRichard Branson stated that "in addition to the added benefit for the call per second, Virgin Mobile Colombia will offer high-level customer service, unprecedented in Colombia. The team developed the business based on customer treatment like rock stars, being that the Colombians may obtain online customer service and easy access to a customer service agent. They are ready to shake up the market ".

The VMLA launched its first operation in Chile in mid- 2012, the company has already reached a share of approximately 1% do mercado de telephony móvel chileno. After the success in Chile and Colombia, a VMLA irá desenvolver novas opportunities de negócios na região e espera lançar a próxima operação Virgin Mobile no Brasil.

The CEO of VMLA, Peter Macnee, stated that "our comprehensive research shows us that the mobile phone market in Colombia requires direct and honest customer support, services de dados pré-pagos a preços razoáveis e cobrança por segundo para chamadas de voz. It's a fantastic market and we are delighted to be a part of it ".

About Virgin Mobile Latin America Inc.

Virgin Mobile Latin America (VMLA) is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) established in 2010 to offer new products and services to half a billion consumers of wireless telephony in Latin America with the Virgin brand. The VMLA intends to expand the world-renowned brand Virgin Mobile throughout Latin America, joining a growing network of operations that meets almost 20 millions of customers around the world. The directors and shareholders of VMLA include some of the most experienced teams of the wireless industry with an impressive track record of success in the activity of MVNO. The Virgin Group Richard Branson is a major shareholder of VMLA and continuous supports to the company.

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