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The Certisign, a pioneer in digital certification in Brazil, Minister this month in Sao Paulo, in his own headquarters, the Digital Certificate II Course-CDII: Conventions, Policies and Fomatos. For over ten years, a companhia presents a facilidade e a safety da assinatura digital para profissionais de órgãos públicos e privados das áreas de technology, accounting, fiscal, legal, audit, sales and purchases, through specialized training.

CertificacaoPresented by leading experts in the area, as aulas retomam os main conceitos da certificação digital, In addition to didactic way address the cryptographic language, use and benefits. With a language practice, the courses help the identity management and translate all the security in the various types of certificates. Introducing the laws of ICP (Brazilian public key infrastructure), the rules attribute and certificates the validity of time stamps.

With a total of 16 hours, contains unique courseware modules and registered with the ISBN – International Standard Book Number. Available on own Certisign headquarters, tem a quality, that only the Latin America leader certification authority can offer. "The course is open to the public and is a continuation of the module I to achieve all aspects of digital certification of an intuitive mode, since introducing the concepts through actual cases participants. The value of this training is $ 1.360, but customers of Certisign pay "half" ", says Regina Tupinambá, Director of Certisign.

For more information about the courses – to be held in the days 21 and 22 may, from 9:0 to 6:0 pm in the Cerqueira César – simply contact by phone 11 3546-3702or via email


Address: Rua Bela Cintra, 904 – 16th floor- Room 01- Cerqueira César – São Paulo.

Full value: R $ 1,360-Customers Certisign have 50% discount

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