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The Bunge Brazil has launched a microsite completely directed to healthy eating, under the supervision of nutritionists. The address brings, interactively, recipe suggestions, Tips de alimentação, healthy menus and proposals evaluation tools, as the calculation of energy expenditure, the IMC (Body mass index) and the IAC (Index of Adiposity), among other news.

Dieta SaudavelO tema Dieta Saudável é de grande importance para a Bunge e está inserido em sua plataforma de sustentabilidade, as well as sustainable agriculture, climate change and waste reduction. "Beyond the commitment to offer food products safe and beneficial to health, We also have the role of information multipliers for the awareness of people about the importance of maintaining healthy habits of feeding ", says Michel Salim, Bunge's sustainability Manager Brazil.

On the hotsite, the Healthy Feed icons, Feeding tips and stay Within bring important information and that can make all the difference to maintain a healthy diet. There are tips on optimal methods of cooking, How to avoid mistakes when choosing the dishes in the self-service, proper chewing of food, Food and sleep, entre vários other themes. In addition, the hotsite healthy diet stands out for offering the channel "talk to the Dietician". Internet users can send their questions, as quais serão respondidas por um Professional da área de nutrição.

Another channel that is worth visiting is the recipes. The page suggests special dishes for every moment of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are also proposals for snacks and specific dishes of salads and vegetables.

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