MelhorEscola.Net close partnership and becomes marketing tool for great education network

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The MelhorEscola.Net, site created in 2012 in order to strengthen the relationship between schools and parents/students, closed recently partnered with the Pitágoras Network, marca de educação básica que integra o grupo Kroton Educacional.

Ensino The news was officially released in the latest edition of the National Collegiate Network Pythagoras held on 23 and 24 may, in Sauípe Hotel Park, in Costa do Sauípe (BA).

With the partnership, all institutions that are part of the network will have discount of Pythagoras 50% to hire outreach plans in MelhorEscola.Net. With this, will be closer to its customers internet users.

The portal brings in its database all the information schools in Brazil and its biggest attractive ease the task of parents at the time of seeking the ideal school for their children.

"We hope that the partnership is long, enabling more than 600 Pythagorean schools may use the services of dissemination of MelhorEscola.Net ", said Sérgio Andrade, one of the founders of the site.

A diretora de educação básica da Kroton Educacional, Monica Ferreira, also ratifies the affirmation. “Um dos main compromissos da Rede Pitágoras é gerar benefícios para as escolas associadas que integram o grupo por meio de alianças cada vez mais estratégicas e sólidas no mercado”, complete the Executive.

MelhorEscola.Net currently has more than 400 thousand page views per month. "Many times, somos procurados por famílias que estão se mudando para outra cidade ou até mesmo outro estado e não conseguem identificar easily escolas parceiras na nova região de moradia. Through the MelhorEscola.Net this step is possible in a simple and quick, keeping the family and students the advantages of studying at a school in one of the largest education network of the country ", explains the Pythagorean Network Marketing Manager, Carla Tavares.

About MelhorEscola.Net
The MelhorEscola.Net is a channel of relationship between parents and children's school students to high school and their schools. Features in the database 195 1,000 schools registered with the MINISTRY and public information important for the choice of the ideal as school address, total number of students, students per room, disapproval rate, abandon rate, average rating in Enem, data than the structure of the school offers, as library, laboratories, nursery, internet, quadra etc. O site ainda presents as avaliações das escolas por pais e alunos e informações inseridas pelas próprias escolas.

About the Pythagorean Network
With an innovative educational proposal, the Pythagorean Network is the largest company of basic education which integrates Kroton Educacional, one of the biggest groups in the sector in the world, serving more than 600 partner schools, they receive support and technical-pedagogic monitoring necessary to offer a quality education. The textbooks of Pythagorean Collection value function of the teacher through the contextualization, interdisciplinary work and the preservation of the identity of the school.

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