Eyes on Brazil: Brazilian market attracts foreign investors

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Forex interest by Brazil's undisputed. Specifically in our company, This trend became even more clear from 2008.
By its characteristics as much cultural as geographical, the Brazil always had visibility among the more diverse audiences, around the world. It is a country of continental dimensions, tropical climate, beautiful natural landscapes, whose population is world renowned for their hospitality and joyful way of life.

InvestidorOn the other hand, by the end of the 80, the Brazilian economy was characterized by a policy of closing to imports. This entire scenario began to change, from the trade opening observed in the Government of Fernando Collor. Later, with the control of inflation and the consequent economic stability achieved through the Real plan, There was a substantial increase in the power consumption of a large part of the population, This phenomenon observed during the two terms of Fernando Henrique Cardoso and, more recently, during the two terms of Luis Inácio Lula da Silva.

There was a process of facilitating access to credit and a portion of the population – until then excluded from the formal financial system – had bank accounts and access to financing options from consumer goods and durable goods. The set of changes was large and its aftermath also. Thus was born a new Brazil and the whole world watched this process.

Today we have a significant middle class in Brazil, even though our definition of middle class is very different from what is observed in most developed countries. The fact is that more Brazilians are active in various categories, from foodstuff to cosmetics, passing by cars and mobile phones. And with that, It's not surprising that companies and large international conglomerates see in Brazil a great opportunity. This is evident both in several privatization processes occurring in recent decades – where foreign investors have had a constant presence -, as the various brands that arrived in the country in the recent past.

Many foreigners ask me how the Brazil can be an interesting market with such high prices in several product categories. Our exorbitant prices are related, among other things, the structure of taxes and the high banks practiced locally. But such obstacles apply to all companies and brands present in the country. Like this, at the end, the consumer has become accustomed to paying too much for products and not so much, left to consume. In other words, the average consumer knows this reality and only Brazilian, Therefore, live in it without further questions. This is evident in the constant articles in magazines and foreign newspapers that focus on astronomical prices paid by Brazilians for their automobiles (in General, something like three times what Americans pay for same models).

In the final analysis, We have today, in Brazil, a country with more purchasing power, more access to credit and with an audience clearly eager to consume. And even if obstacles are several (logistics infrastructure problems that make it difficult and expensive distribution and heavy and complicated tax system, entre tantos other), the Brazil today presents itself as an interesting alternative to the expansion of business of various MNEs, with political and demographic characteristics that really stands out compared to other members of the so-called BRICS group.

Considering the continuity of the scenario of economic stability and great exposure and visibility that comes with the major sporting events of 2014 and 2016, This is a moment to be seized. With hard work and discipline in the correction of our problems, I believe we have much to gain.

* Rodrigo Scaff

Rodrigo Scaff graduated in law from Universidade de São Paulo in 1996 and earned his MBA from Columbia University in 2001. Your experience Professional inclui trabalho com development de novos negócios na área internacional, occupying positions in the USA and Brazil. At the end of 2002, in his return to Brazil, Rodrigo founded the Suriana Trading, changing the focus of his career. From the beginning of this entrepreneurial phase, Rodrigo vem se dedicando à Suriana e trabalhando para o development da empresa e de seus clientes.

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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