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Get a wedding souvenir that guests do not throw away and that, in fact, is a memory, is the great difficulty of the bride and groom, So how to organize an unforgettable event, where everyone can have fun, dance, brindar ao mesmo tempo em que registram os best momentos.

Casamento InstagramThinking of joining all the objectives, young entrepreneurs Eduardo Lamb and Fabricio Aoki, criaram um produto inovador no mercado de entertainment. A Tagpick mescla os benefícios das redes sociais com technology de ponta, ensuring the registration of exciting moments throughout the party.

This interactive entertainment service allows all event guests, with an active account on Instagram, can take the best moments home, Polaroid format. Simple as that.

Just take a photo, on the dance floor, on the table, with the bride and groom, on sweet table, Anyway, in the location you want; This is one of the benefits of Tagpick; Since the use of this service does not engessa the event and guests do not need to face queues, get into a photo booth and wait your turn.

In this way, just do the photo, apply filters of Instagram and post on your social network with the event's hashtag (determined by the bride and groom) and in a few moments, the photo is printed, i.e., In addition to showing to your entire network of friends, It is possible to take the photo home as souvenir.

In addition, the photos made during the party are shown, realtime, a big screen, that all of the guests have access to the moments recorded by guests. And best of all is that the bride and groom can still have a printed album containing all the photographs taken during the event. Is to perpetuate even, the best moments!

"We seek to invest in a new entertainment market. It is clear that Tagpick is not a replacement for conventional photographer, but nothing better than watching your event, through the eyes of your guests ", punctuates the managing partner of Tagpick, Edward Lamb.

With a fully automated system, the installation of the Tagpick structure requires only a 1 m² space for operation. Besides the very little space, are needed only a power point and a wi-fi connection or stable 3 g signal reception.

Vale ressaltar também que todo o content gerado durante a celebração passa pela análise dos moderadores da Tagpick ou alguém escolhido pelos noivos, garantindo assim a quality das fotos e a total idoneidade do evento.

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