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After some time without news, Tips in General retoma as atividades normalmente, with many good news. Check Out!

NovidadesThis month, the website Tips in General complete no less than 7 years of existence! It has been a long walk since the beginning. We had ups and downs, changes in our plans, Anyway, many things needed to be changed. I, Amilton, I moved a few times, I had several setbacks, personal and Professional Affairs, but fortunately never quit the group in General Tips. And that's why I'm assuming publicly around us “full steam ahead”!

Problems faced

Time - The biggest concern was the question of time. Have a long term demand side, not only to keep you up to date, but to fix errors that arise over time. Browsers change, the technology avança, and we need to move as well. Some features have become obsolete, and the site was no longer the seaworthiness of before.

Columnists - We lost several columnists. Some for lack of time, other for personal reasons… And with that, the less we columnists, less news we can bring. And that's why I make an appeal: If you would like to be a columnist, This is the time de start! Click here and learn more about.

Facebook - On Facebook, for technical issues, our website link has been blocked. In fact, the site is allowed. But, as this is hosted by the company domain XPG – It also offered free hosting for thousands of people – our site has been generalized as malicious. By offering free hosting, many malicious sites unfortunately aired, What did Facebook generalize and block all traffic. It has blocked all our attempts to publish new content on the page of Tips in General, and even prevented users to share our content.

News that arrived

Layout - Our site layout was proudly designed by designer William Périgo. But, with the passage of time, some dynamic resources had stopped working. Now, they are functioning normally – as the Gallery of posts, for example. Some colors were also changed, in order to make browsing more comfortable for everyone.

Domain - The Tips in General now has new domains,to assist in all posts in social networks. Also we have own domain for “shorten” very large links.

Finally, We ask…

Your help - You, longtime user of Tips in General, or you visit us today for the first time: help us. Visit the site, read our texts, interact with comments, and don't stop there. If you have any suggestions of changes, resources, some interesting content, enter our page Contact and send us your message.

Time to share… - When you like a content in Tips in General and want to share with your friends on any social network or by email, do not copy the link and send it to them. Instead, within the page itself, soon after the title of the text, You'll find a session called Click & share. Then, just click and send. Much more practical and safe.

Short page on Facebook - If you haven't enjoyed it, visit our homepage at: Enjoying the page, you have the chance to check out our news without having to leave the social network. Still, pode compartilhar com seus amigos as News mais interessantes, articles and everything else.

Follow on Twitter - Our Twitter profile remains active and informing all netizens. If you do not follow, visit: Our news go there firsthand. Don't miss!

Sign up for Newsletter - Sometimes it's exhausting having to enter the site every day, I understand. So, register your email address in the Newsletter, and every day there are news, We will send you an email telling you all what's new. Very practical and efficient! Click here and sign.

Thank you very much for your company. I hope that we continue to have the honor to receive your access on the website for many other years. A strong hug! (Amilton Junior)

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

A bit about us

    The Group generally appeared in Tips 2007 from innovative ideas on troubleshooting problems faced daily by those who use the technology and computer science, both ordinary users and technicians. But where did, why and what is the purpose of this site?

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