Relationships and the Internet

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At the beginning it is difficult to know the person who we are relating, It's not true? Like this, It is much easier to deposit internal content on this person is still unknown. When it happens the mutual passion both are involved in a fantasy partner and an idea much more inside than the contact between two people with flaws and limitations.

116764 Papel de Parede Beijo Apaixonado 1280x1024At the beginning of a relationship the love affair is due the couple be involved in mutual projections, i.e., the lover ends up seeing in the beloved which is not truly him and yes the own who loves interior. Therefore, the lover sees only what he believes that the other person is or what I wish she were, but it is proper to himself.

Once the lovers end up knowing the projections, who were the guilty ones by passion, can no longer survive in another, Since the revelation that the beloved is not whom he "imagined" that was, cause a lot of suffering, the partner will bring down the lover's expectation and what many call disenchantment.

This charm will only exist while positive passionate's own contents remain designed in beloved. The love affair continues until such content may be removed from the beloved, podendo evoluir para o growth psicológico de quem retira as projeções e percebe conscientemente o content projetado, or simply in the projection in other people or external things that your partner.

Conhecer alguém pela internet faz com que essas projeções sejam muito maiores, the lover will wonder how your loved one in a way that the person seems to be the ideal. That passion is only a problem if the person in love only can relate so exclusively virtual, being able to demonstrate their inability to withdraw their own projections and also to frustrate yourself with the reality of a person who is never who she imagined initially. So in love want to connect only with their own fantasies.

That attitude will be revealing a need to live only with their own image projected onto another, what hinders the growth and deepening his own questions on this fantasy that will never be removed and internalized.

The relationship with each other is one of the most important ways of knowing yourself, and who relates to realizing its bounds and their behaviors, people often point and present positive and negative reactions to what is shown, e isso vai sendo importante para o conhecimento do que a pessoa quer mostrar externamente e seu eu que ele não presents for the other.

NamoroThe internet has become a way of meeting people, as well as connect with them, which increases the possibility of relationships happen to be in social networking sites, made or not with this purpose, and even find the ' right ' person, i.e., that person who is "forever".

The important thing is to increase the possibility to relate and do not close the doors, i.e., keep doing the same and single model of relationship is never shown. The important thing is to understand the internet as another vehicle to relate, as well as bars, ballads, work, Anyway everywhere there are people interested in relate and being able to deal with the intimacy of a relationship that could happen and not only imagined.

Juliana Fernandes é psicóloga clínica e arteterapeuta, participa de grupo de estudo de psicologia re-imaginada e é membro do núcleo de psicologia arquetípica da Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia Analítica.

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