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It is possible for a site to load up 30% faster, consume up to 60% less bandwidth and generate up to 65% less requests to the server. That's what the Hostnet is offering more than 40 mil sites hospedados com a technology CDN CloudFlare em seus servidores ( The idea is to generate your hosting resources economy; mais rapidez e mais safety.

What is CDN?

Fast Internet Connection PictureTHE CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a content distribution network, que através computers interligados replica os dados dos sites que utilizam esta tecnologia por toda a Internet. When a visitor type the address of your site, the CDN will seek information on network point nearest to the place where it was requested, increasing a rapidez na exibição do site, similar to a mirroring process. The path to the server root is shortened, logo se ganha em performance.

This process makes the action of malicious agents – in an attempt to attack with the objective of taking certain website, the server root is not found due to mirroring of content in various parts of the network, making it harder to take down your site's server.

CDN on Hostnet

More than 90% hosted domains are already with the CDN enabled. A website hosted on will automatically replicated content Hostnet through CloudFlare for several distinct points of the Internet, increasing the speed in loading of pages, safety of files and improving indexing in search engines (SEO). By the end of 2015 all areas of this provider will be part of the network of the CloudFlare.

"Partnering with the CloudFlare represents a significant gain in performance and safety for our customers, We're really pleased to be the first provider in Brazil to allow adhesion of CDN customers of all sizes ", said Lee Linden, Director of Hostnet.

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