dicastThis area of our Site we are publishing our Podcast titled DiCast. For those who don't know, Podcast derives from Broadcast. Broadcast is the same as Live Audio Streaming, and Podcast is the same as Streaming audio static, i.e., recorded. DiCast comes from Podcast + Tips = DiCast.

THE DiCast is the First Podcast in Brazil High Definition. We serve you better both for his knowledge, as for your hearing. THE Qualidade sonora do DiCast é incomparável, being the process of tailoring streaming evaluated and approved by qualified professionals in the industry.

Every month we're covering a new subject, para que possamos estar gravando o Podcast e disponibilizando-o para download. The official presenters DiCast are Amilton Junior and William Périgo.

-Check out below our already Written and published Podcasts:

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A bit about us

    The Group generally appeared in Tips 2007 from innovative ideas on troubleshooting problems faced daily by those who use the technology and computer science, both ordinary users and technicians. But where did, why and what is the purpose of this site?

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