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acordoThe partnership is to present the website/blog to ally their own visitors, allowing Web surfers to both social environments meet and recognize the virtual works. Our System partnership is available in a version: banner.

You can opt for this version and enter into contact us, so that we may be ushering the partnership. Não serão aceitos sites/blogs que possuem content harmful to minors, religions, racism, hacker (intrusion and cybercrimes), no-ip (Home hosting), spam and derivatives.

In addition to these prerequisites, It is essential that your site is fully built. Will not be accepted sites or blogs with messages or images “under construction”. Another important factor is that your site/blog has, at least, 3 thousand visits per day. Please prove with a picture (print screen) your standard statistics system.

The size of the banner is accepted 130 x 70 pixels, format JPG.

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A bit about us

    The Group generally appeared in Tips 2007 from innovative ideas on troubleshooting problems faced daily by those who use the technology and computer science, both ordinary users and technicians. But where did, why and what is the purpose of this site?

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