Leave your Linux Ubuntu similar to Windows 7

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linux ubuntu skin windows 7Have you considered leaving the operating system Linux Ubuntu virtually equal to the visual Windows 7? Believe it or not: the image beside is from Ubuntu.

The visual is the perfect solution to make Linux more "friendly" those users well lay and unbiased.

If you want to see the step-by-step tutorial in the text link is also in Tecnoblog, for this simply Click here.

Let's go to walkthrough.

First all go to terminal and type:

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade

To download the program that will change the visual type:

Decrease the size of the file name by typing:

  • mv Win2-7Pack_v5.8_Multilang_Aero_MD5:9eeb04aa8847938a2b325b3e81c4ae2d.tar.lzma Win2-7Pack.tar.lzma

Unzip the downloaded file:

  • unlzma Win2-7Pack.tar.lzma
  • tar -xvf Win2-7Pack.tar

Run the program:

  • ./ --language

With the open program, Select what he must modify.

To go back to normal just access the file GUIUNINSTALL in the same folder as the runtime file.

Follow the video below:

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