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recupere dados com o ubuntuIf the Windows (ou outro System) não dá partida e seus files estão na partição do sistema, Ubuntu can rescue them. Give the boot from the installation CD, choosing the option Testar o Ubuntu Sem Qualquer Mudança No Seu Computer. After, Open the menu Locations. Arise all partitions of hard disks. Click each one for Ubuntu to read. Hence, just copy the files to a thumb drive or external HD. If the file was deleted, You can try to recover it. To do this, visit Applications > Accessories > Terminal. Run the command sudo fdisk-l. Check to see which disk contains the Windows and run the command sudo ntfsundelete/dev/sdb1 (replacing sdb1 by HD with the erased data). Will be listed the recoverable files and folders. Then, run the command sudo ntfsundelete/dev/sdb1 – u-m arq, replacing arq for the item to be retrieved.

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